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Throughout the course of my life I have seen many wedding albums and most of them look very much the same. Like many of us, most newlyweds don’t fully appreciate the importance of the wedding album until years after their wedding. At the same time, many wedding images fail to capture the true emotions of the wedding day. As a result, most wedding albums look essentially alike, each filled with standard poses and lighting. Only a few capture the unique life moments that happens on the special day. Certainly, we all appreciate the artistry of still poses, but at the same time we want a reminder of the truly special moments.

A Wedding Album isn’t just a collection of photographs. It’s the documentation of the new beginning of a family. It’s a couple’s very first heirloom. If done properly, it will be handed down from generation to generation. Long after the wedding day is over, the Wedding Album will remain a keepsake forever.

With my creativity, artistry and sensitivity, I commit and assure my clients the best wedding photographs, filled with treasured and lasting memories ---but at affordable prices. I focus on and pay attention to the details of my clients’ needs and change my style accordingly. No two wedding are alike; each offers me a new challenge and exciting opportunity to document the magical moments. My passion is to create romantic images that will allow my clients, their families, and friends to relive and cherish those moments.

Thank you.

Chris Le